Jean Monnet Papers

The Jean Monnet Papers on Political Economy is a joint initiative of the Jean Monnet Chair on EU Relations with Less Developed Countries (Department of Political Science and International Relations) and the Jean Monnet Chair on EU Integration and Policies (Department of Economics) of the University of the Peloponnese. The Papers are online free-access publications. For the editorial committee and guidelines for authors see here.


1/2013. Orestis Vathis, Aid Effectiveness: A Literature Review.    


2/2013. Tonka Kostadinova, Aid for the reconstruction of cultural heritage in Southeast Europe


3/2013. George Pagoulatos & Panayiota Kastritis, Theorizing and Assessing Civil Society: A Review of Approaches.


4/2014. Sotiris Petropoulos, Evaluation of the European Structural Funds: A historical perspective


5/2014. Anna Brusarosco, The Role of Italian NGOs in Rural Reconstruction in Bosnia


6/2014. Adamadia Kehagia, The Impact of the EU’s Structural and Cohesion Funds: A literature review


7/2014. Konstantinos D. Magliveras, The Transnational Regulation of Non-Governmental Organizations


8/2014. Chiara Milan, Neither Bilateral Nor Multilateral: The Community approach to local development. 


9/2014. Dimitris Bourantonis, The External Performance of Non-Governmental Organizations: A conceptual and analytical framework


10/2014. Asteris Huliaras, The Dynamics of Civil Society in Greece: Creating civic engagement from the top


11/2014. Alice N. SindzingreFrom an eroding model to questioned trade relationships: The European Union and Sub-Saharan Africa.





12/2015, Ian Taylor, Bait and Switch: The European Union’s Incoherency towards Africa.





13/2015, Willy Kokolo, The Role of the EU in the African Peace and Security Architecture.


14/2016, Anastasis Valvis, Water Scarcity: Source of Interstate Conflict or Opportunity for Cooperation ?

15/2017, Sophia Kalantzakos, A Paradox in Today’s Europe ? Greece’s Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis.


16/2017, Costas Stampolas and Alexandra Tragaki, Migrant Economic Activity in Europe: Migrant Entrepreneurs in the Wider Athens Area.


17/2017, Sotiris Mitralexis, Clergy Wages in Greece – and their Correlation to Church Assets: Overview, Facts, and Prospects for Future Developments. 


18/2018, Panagiotis Liargovas and Stavroula Kratimenou, When does fiscal austerity work? Evidence from the EU.


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